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SubjectRe: Making a USB driver
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Hello Jiri,

Jiri Slaby wrote:
> We usualy reply to all.

I'm sorry. I'm using Gmane to read and post to this mailing list and my
newsgroup reader doesn't reply to all by default.

> On 01/22/2008 10:03 AM, J. Pablo Fernández wrote:
>> Jiri Slaby wrote:
>>> On 01/22/2008 12:13 AM, J. Pablo Fernández wrote:
>>>> On Monday 21 January 2008 22:00:31 Jiri Slaby wrote:
>>>>> On 01/21/2008 09:11 PM, J. Pablo Fernández wrote:
>>>>>> Hello,
>>>>>> I'm interested in making a driver for the Kinesis Savant Elite
>>>>>> Programable USB Foot Switches[1].
>>>>> [1]+1 says
>>>>> Linux, Sun and other Non Windows Platforms
>>>>> · Requires available USB port. Uses generic drivers provided by the
>>>>> operating system. Due to the heterogeneity in these platforms, we
>>>>> cannot guarantee compatibility with these systems. However, if your
>>>>> system can use any USB mouse and keyboard, it will probably work with
>>>>> a Savant or Savant Elite foot switch.
>>>>> I guess it's ordinary input device without any special driver needs.
>>>> It sends ordinary mouse and keyboard commands, but you need a driver to
>>>> program it what commands to send, and that's the part I want to cover:
>>>> " it can be easily reprogrammed on a Windows [and only Windows] PC to
>>>> perform any keyboard action or key combination."
>>> But you didn't even mention that. Then try to search for usb ids in the
>>> tree and also in google.
>> I don't have the device. Maybe I can ask the vendor for the ids? how
>> exactly should I ask?
> Ask for specification, otherwise you won't be able to write a driver
> anyway.

They already told me they don't even have the specification. I'm already
considering doing reverse engineering to get the information. It won't be
easy for me because I'm new to this level, but it shouldn't be very hard,
it's not a scanner or a webcam, it should be a fairly simple protocol.

Thank you.
J. Pablo Fernández <> (

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