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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: fix unconditional arch/x86/kernel/pcspeaker.c compiling
On 01/18/2008 04:16 AM, Taral wrote:
> On 1/17/08, Michael Opdenacker <> wrote:
>> Another issue would be that we would no longer be able
>> to load the speaker driver module from a kernel which
>> wasn't originally compiled with support for this module.
> Have you looked at pcspeaker.o? As far as I can tell, it does *nothing*.
Do you mean "almost nothing"? It still allocates and adds a platform
device, and the corresponding function always gets called at boot time.

I know that not compiling this piece of code just reduces the
uncompressed kernel size by just a few bytes (218). However, many small
contributions of this kind can have a significant impact on embedded
systems (or on boot media or on Linux based bootloaders).

As I said earlier, I'm starting to think that this trick should only be
used when CONFIG_EMBEDDED is set. In the non-embedded case, it's
probably not acceptable not to declare a platform device that is always
present in the system (while it's perfectly fine not to load the
corresponding driver).

Your comments and suggestions are more than welcome!


Michael Opdenacker, Free Electrons
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