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    SubjectRe: non-choice related config entries within choice

    On Wed, 16 Jan 2008, Jan Beulich wrote:

    > now that I finally found time to look into the problems that caused the
    > patch changing boolean/tristate choice behavior to be reverted I find
    > that due to the way things worked in the past there are a couple of
    > cases where config options not really belonging to the choice are inside
    > the choice scope (drivers/usb/gadget/Kconfig, arch/ppc/Kconfig, and
    > arch/mips/Kconfig are where I found such cases, and I hope this is a
    > complete list).
    > The question is: Is it intended for this to work the way it used to, or
    > is it rather reasonable to change these scripts so that stuff dependent
    > upon the choice selection is being dealt with outside the choice scope?

    This is really a feature, try it with a visible option there which depends
    on a choice option.
    First for the choice type I think it's simpler to just look at the first
    choice option, anything more complex simply has to specify the type

    The bigger problem is that menu_finalize() is little complex which makes
    such changes more difficult, basically it does two things (updating the
    dependencies and generating the menu structure) in one pass and it depends
    on a specific order, which is nonobvious. I really should clean this up to
    make it easier to follow what's happening.
    For now this means the dependency to the choice symbol has to be added a
    little later right before the call to menu_add_symbol().

    bye, Roman

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