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Subject2.6.24-rc8: possible circular locking dependency detected

just FYI, upgrading to -rc8 gave the following messages in kern.log in
the morning hours, when the backups were run:

[ INFO: possible circular locking dependency detected ]
2.6.24-rc8 #2
rsync/23295 is trying to acquire lock:
(iprune_mutex){--..}, at: [<c017a552>] shrink_icache_memory+0x72/0x220

but task is already holding lock:
(&(&ip->i_iolock)->mr_lock){----}, at: [<c0275056>] xfs_ilock+0x96/0xb0

which lock already depends on the new lock.

the existing dependency chain (in reverse order) is:

-> #1 (&(&ip->i_iolock)->mr_lock){----}:
[<c0138c01>] __lock_acquire+0xbe1/0x10b0
[<c0275056>] xfs_ilock+0x96/0xb0
[<c0137b4f>] trace_hardirqs_on+0x9f/0x140
[<c013912f>] lock_acquire+0x5f/0x80
[<c0275056>] xfs_ilock+0x96/0xb0
[<c012f4b1>] down_write_nested+0x41/0x60
[<c0275056>] xfs_ilock+0x96/0xb0
[<c0275056>] xfs_ilock+0x96/0xb0
[<c02751ea>] xfs_ireclaim+0x1a/0x60
[<c0294e73>] xfs_finish_reclaim+0x53/0x1a0
[<c02a40ce>] xfs_fs_clear_inode+0x5e/0x90
[<c017a102>] clear_inode+0x82/0x160
[<c017a55c>] shrink_icache_memory+0x7c/0x220
[<c017a43a>] dispose_list+0x1a/0xc0
[<c017a6c2>] shrink_icache_memory+0x1e2/0x220
[<c014f6d1>] shrink_slab+0x101/0x160
[<c014fa4a>] kswapd+0x2aa/0x410
[<c012c1f0>] autoremove_wake_function+0x0/0x40
[<c014f7a0>] kswapd+0x0/0x410
[<c012bf42>] kthread+0x42/0x70

Full dmesg and .config:

BOFH excuse #18:

excess surge protection

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