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    SubjectRe: [RFC on MODULE SUPPORT] hello, Rusty, Should we provide module information even if the kernel module compiled built-in with bzImage?
    Vous m'avez dit récemment :

    > On Wednesday 16 January 2008 22:58:09 Mathieu SEGAUD wrote:
    >> your userspace program is somewhat broken
    >> the userspace should not expect to find the version number in
    >> /sys/module, as this is used by the Linux kernel module subsystem. You
    >> should provide the required information in another way such as a
    >> /proc/ file (bad) or a /sys file (better, but no module stuff, this
    >> has no business with it).
    > Shh! He was going to implement a feature we want!
    > To be honest, I think his expectations of consistency are correct: if a
    > version number makes sense, surely it makes sense for builtins as well.

    yep, I did not look out the way he suggested to do it; and sure that
    is a cool feature. sorry for that one. Sometimes it's difficult to
    part what should be done _in_ the kernel, what should be done _by_ the
    kernel, and userspace.

    thanks a lot

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