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    SubjectRe: [patch 0/4] x86: PAT followup - Incremental changes and bug fixes
    Siddha, Suresh B wrote:
    > But then, this will cause an attribute conflicit. Old one was specifying
    > WB in PAT (ioremap with noflags) and the new ioremap specifies UC.
    > As Linus mentioned, main problem is to figure out the correct attribute
    > for ioremap() which doesn't specify the actual attribute to be used.
    > One mechanism to fix the issue generically (somewhat atleast) is to use
    > MTRR's and figure out the default MTRR attribute for that physical address
    > and use it for ioremap().

    This is the matrix the CPU uses when combining MTRR and PAT behaviour.
    It probably makes sense to mimic:

    | WB WT WC UC
    WB | WB WT WC UC
    WT | WT WT UC UC
    WC | WC UC WC UC
    UC | UC UC UC UC

    With the current PAT encoding:

    WB = 00
    WT = 01
    WC = 10
    UC = 11

    ... this is simply a bitwise OR. This makes sense, since one of the
    bits denies delaying writes (WT, UC), and the other denies delaying
    reads (WC, UC).


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