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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 08/28] SECURITY: Allow kernel services to override LSM settings for task actions [try #2]

    --- David Howells <> wrote:

    > Stephen Smalley <> wrote:
    > > The cache files are created by the cachefiles kernel module, not by the
    > > userspace daemon, and the userspace daemon doesn't need to directly
    > > read/write them at all
    > That is correct.
    > > (but I think it does need to be able to unlink them?).
    > Indeed.
    > > The userspace daemon merely identifies the directory where the cache should
    > > live as part of configuring the cache when enabling it.
    > That is the way it currently works, yes.
    > > Hence, it is fine to use a fixed label for the cache files (systemhigh
    > > in a MLS world), and to let the directory's label serve as the basis for
    > > it.
    > That is what I currently do. SELinux rules are provided to grant the
    > appropriate file accesses to the override label used by the kernel module, so
    > that it can't go and stamp on files with the wrong label.
    > > Only the cachefiles kernel module directly reads and writes the files.
    > Correct.

    Well, my bad, and thank you for clearing up my misunderstanding.

    Casey Schaufler

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