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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: fix ioport unification on 32-bit [was: Re: hwclock failure in x86.git]

* Chris Wright <> wrote:

> * Ingo Molnar ( wrote:
> > thanks for tracking it down. I pulled that commit for now. But it would
> > be nice to figure out what's going on there.
> Zach was right. The unification was broken for 32-bit; it was missing
> the actual pushf/popf EFLAGS manipluation (set_iopl_mask()) and
> would've broken task switching between processes w/ different iopl in
> paravirt guests too. 64-bit sys_iopl just does pt_regs->flags
> modification and lets syscall/sysret plus ptregscall sync and do
> EFLAGS update.
> Also, use of volatile looks like leftover cruft.
> This patch in on top of Miguel's (can respin to standalone if that's
> better). [...]

thanks, applied.


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