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SubjectRe: Netperf TCP_RR(loopback) 10% regression in 2.6.24-rc6, comparing with 2.6.22
>>*) netperf/netserver support CPU affinity within themselves with the 
>>global -T option to netperf. Is the result with taskset much different?
>> The equivalent to the above would be to run netperf with:
>>./netperf -T 0,7 ..
> I checked the source codes and didn't find this option.
> I use netperf V2.3 (I found the number in the makefile).

Indeed, that version pre-dates the -T option. If you weren't already
chasing a regression I'd suggest an upgrade to 2.4.mumble. Once you are
at a point where changing another variable won't muddle things you may
want to consider upgrading.

happy benchmarking,

rick jones

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