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SubjectRe: failure
On Jan. 14, 2008, 17:48 +0200, James Bottomley <> wrote:
> This error:
> ERROR: no space before that close parenthesis ')'
> #501: FILE: drivers/scsi/dpt_i2o.c:2299:
> + if (dev_status == 0x02 /*CHECK_CONDITION*/) {
> Is definitely wrong. I think it's stripped the comments so now the if
> looks to have a space before the bracket, but stylistically the
> complaint it has errored out for is wrong.

I've seen similar complaints as well and I agree with James that
they seem bogus. I think that the comment should be treated as
part of the grammar and not just stripped out and then you can
even add checks about allowed spacing before and after the comment.

> James

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