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SubjectRe: [PATCH x86] [15/16] Force __cpuinit on for CONFIG_PM without HOTPLUG_CPU

* Ingo Molnar <> wrote:

> also, in theory we've got a pretty reliable set of the following
> information:
> function X references symbol Y
> and we know what type of sections they are in, right?
> could -ffunction-sections be used to delay the categorization of
> functions to the link stage, and in essence remove the need to mark
> functions via any of the __init markers?

find below the current set of warnings on -git. There are 62.

for example, instead of the rather cryptic:

WARNING: vmlinux.o(.text+0x1815e): Section mismatch: reference to
.init.text:calibrate_delay (between 'smp_callin' and '__cpu_up')

the following output would be more informative:

| function:
| ./init/calibrate.c:void __devinit calibrate_delay(void)
| calls:
| ./arch/x86/kernel/smpboot_32.c:static void __cpuinit smp_callin(void)
| but calibrate_delay() is __devinit while smp_callin() is __cpuinit.
| Change smp_callin() to __devinit to resolve this warning.

would result in a lot faster cycles of fixing this.

do we have all the info to print this?


.init.text: calibrate_delay ('smp_callin' <-> '__cpu_up')
.init.text: register_cpu ('arch_register_cpu' <-> 'in_gate_area_no_task')
.init.text: idle_regs ('fork_idle' <-> 'get_task_mm')
.init.text: ('process_zones' <-> 'pageset_cpuup_callback')
.init.text: pcibios_fixup_bus ('pci_scan_child_bus' <-> 'pci_scan_bus_parented') mtrr ('param_set_scroll' <-> 'uvesafb_cn_callback') mtrr ('param_set_scroll' <-> 'uvesafb_cn_callback') pmi_setpal ('param_set_scroll' <-> 'uvesafb_cn_callback') pmi_setpal ('param_set_scroll' <-> 'uvesafb_cn_callback')
.init.text: pci_acpi_scan_root ('acpi_pci_root_add' <-> 'acpi_pci_unregister_driver')
.init.text: ('olympic_open' <-> 'olympic_interrupt')
.init.text: setup_teles3 ('checkcard' <-> 'hisax_sched_event')
.init.text: setup_s0box ('checkcard' <-> 'hisax_sched_event')
.init.text: setup_telespci ('checkcard' <-> 'hisax_sched_event')
.init.text: setup_avm_pcipnp ('checkcard' <-> 'hisax_sched_event')
.init.text: setup_elsa ('checkcard' <-> 'hisax_sched_event')
.init.text: setup_diva ('checkcard' <-> 'hisax_sched_event')
.init.text: setup_sedlbauer ('checkcard' <-> 'hisax_sched_event')
.init.text: setup_netjet_s ('checkcard' <-> 'hisax_sched_event')
.init.text: setup_hfcpci ('checkcard' <-> 'hisax_sched_event')
.init.text: setup_hfcsx ('checkcard' <-> 'hisax_sched_event')
.init.text: setup_niccy ('checkcard' <-> 'hisax_sched_event')
.init.text: setup_bkm_a4t ('checkcard' <-> 'hisax_sched_event')
.init.text: setup_sct_quadro ('checkcard' <-> 'hisax_sched_event')
.init.text: setup_gazel ('checkcard' <-> 'hisax_sched_event')
.init.text: setup_w6692 ('checkcard' <-> 'hisax_sched_event')
.init.text: setup_netjet_u ('checkcard' <-> 'hisax_sched_event')
.init.text: setup_enternow_pci ('checkcard' <-> 'hisax_sched_event') ISACVer ('ISACVersion' <-> 'DC_Close_isac')
.init.text: clear_pending_isac_ints ('inithscxisac' <-> 'HscxVersion')
.init.text: initisac ('inithscxisac' <-> 'HscxVersion')
.init.text: clear_pending_isac_ints ('AVM_card_msg' <-> 'setup_avm_a1_pcmcia')
.init.text: setup_isac ('setup_avm_a1_pcmcia' <-> 'avm_a1p_interrupt')
.init.text: clear_pending_isac_ints ('AVM_card_msg' <-> 'ReadISACfifo_IPAC')
.init.text: initisac ('AVM_card_msg' <-> 'ReadISACfifo_IPAC')
.init.text: clear_pending_isac_ints ('Sedl_card_msg' <-> 'WriteISACfifo')
.init.text: initisac ('Sedl_card_msg' <-> 'WriteISACfifo')
.init.text: initisar ('Sedl_card_msg' <-> 'WriteISACfifo')
.init.text: clear_pending_isac_ints ('NETjet_S_card_msg' <-> 'netjet_s_interrupt')
.init.text: initisac ('NETjet_S_card_msg' <-> 'netjet_s_interrupt')
.init.text: clear_pending_isac_ints ('BKM_card_msg' <-> 'ReadISAC')
.init.text: initisac ('BKM_card_msg' <-> 'ReadISAC')
.init.text: Amd7930_init ('enpci_card_msg' <-> 'ReadWordAmd7930')
.init.text: Amd7930_init ('enpci_card_msg' <-> 'ReadWordAmd7930')
.init.text: snd_usb_caiaq_audio_init ('snd_probe' <-> 'usb_ep1_command_reply_dispatch')
.init.text: snd_usb_caiaq_midi_init ('snd_probe' <-> 'usb_ep1_command_reply_dispatch') _asc_def_iop_base ('advansys_isa_remove' <-> 'advansys_exit')
.init.text: suni_init ('__ksymtab_suni_init' <-> '__ksymtab_scsi_device_lookup')
.init.text: profile_cpu_callback ('profile_cpu_callback_nb.19579' <-> 'prof_cpu_mask')
.init.text: workqueue_cpu_callback ('workqueue_cpu_callback_nb.12756' <-> 'workqueue_mutex')
.init.text: cpu_callback ('cpu_callback_nb.23833' <-> 'shrinker_rwsem')
.init.text: tpm_inf_pnp_probe ('tpm_inf_pnp' <-> 'inf_attr_grp') prism2_plx_id_table ('prism2_plx_drv_id' <-> 'prism2_plx_funcs')
.init.text: asd_aic9410_setup ('asd_pcidev_data' <-> 'dev_attr_revision')
.init.text: asd_aic9410_setup ('asd_pcidev_data' <-> 'dev_attr_revision')
.init.text: asd_aic9405_setup ('asd_pcidev_data' <-> 'dev_attr_revision')
.init.text: megaraid_probe_one ('megaraid_pci_driver_g' <-> 'megaraid_template_g')
.init.text: snd_ad1889_probe ('ad1889_pci' <-> 'ops.23552')
.exit.text: ('qla2xxx_pci_error_detected' <-> 'qla2x00_stop_timer')
.exit.text: ('sym2_io_error_detected' <-> 'sym_set_cam_result_error')
.exit.text: tpm_nsc_remove ('init_nsc' <-> 'init_atmel')
.exit.text: ('asd_pci_probe' <-> 'ips_insert_device')

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