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SubjectRe: The ext3 way of journalling
On Jan 12, 2008 10:06 AM, Theodore Tso <> wrote:
> Unfortunately Ubuntu users [snip] fit this demographic hugely, and
> Ubuntu refuses to fix this problem[1], so it's been personally very
> vexing, because the users complain to *me*, and I can't fix the problem,
> because it's a distribution init script issue.
Ubuntu refuses to be power user friendly. They've forgotten the True
Meaning (tm) of Linux and try to be Windows-friendly, i.e., No Choices

> Maybe someday Ubuntu will get this right --- but I'm not counting on it.
The alternative CD installer still looks like a semi-dumbed-down
debian installer. Hell, even the command-line base install is severely
bloated - it's the exact opposite of LFS or gentoo.
Still, it's *usable* in comparison to the livecd.
> [1] Something about installer CD's, and not wanting to ask the users
> any questions, not even what time zone they are in, or some other
> crazyness. I never completely understood the argument and their
> design constraints.
Idiot friendliness and no exceptions to power users (e.g.., bloated
init scripts, UUID fstab). I switched to debian-unstable ages ago
*just* because apt is _really_ easy to use. Which I use secondarily to
Gentoo, where things Just Work (tm), once you patch the package
ebuilds to process your .patch files anyway and, while the packages
have *lots* of patches, it doesn't bloat the code *and* you can
disable the patches with the "vanilla" USE flag.

Andrey Vul

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