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SubjectRe: questions on NAPI processing latency and dropped network packets
Rick Jones wrote:
>> 1) Interrupts are being processed on both cpus:
>> root@base0-0-0-13-0-11-1:/root> cat /proc/interrupts
>> CPU0 CPU1
>> 30: 1703756 4530785 U3-MPIC Level eth0
> IIRC none of the e1000 driven cards are multi-queue

the pci-express variants are, but the functionality is almost always disabled (and
relatively new anyway).

even with multiqueue, you can still have only a single irq line (which defeats the
purpose of course mostly).

>, so while the above
> shows that interrupts from eth0 have been processed on both CPUs at
> various points in the past, it doesn't necessarily mean that they are
> being processed on both CPUs at the same time right?

never will, an irq can only be processed on one cpu at a time anyway, obviously
the irq here has been migrated ONCE from one of the cpu's to the other.
unfortunately you can't see from /proc/interrupts whether this happens frequently
or not, or how many times it happened before.


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