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SubjectRe: Fwd: Fwd: laptop / computer hardlocks during execution of 32bit applications(binaries) on 64bit system (Gentoo)
> > My kernel is _not_ tainted. [...]

this time my kernel isn't tainted either (comm: thunderbird-bin Not
but still hardlocks:

> ok, good. A series of questions:
> - can you reproduce it from the VGA console?


> - if yes, does booting with "nmi_watchdog=2 idle=poll" give you a
> working NMI watchdog? (working NMI watchdog means the NMI counts
> increase for all cores in /proc/interrupts).

no, I get err=-16
(watchdog is broken: cat /proc/interrupts | grep NMI reveals nothing)

> if still 'yes', then try to reproduce the hard hang on the VGA text
> console

yes, despite broken watchdog

1) startx
2) change to tty2, log in; DISPLAY:=0 thunderbird-bin
3) wait until it hardlocks

known apps to trigger that locking:
- realplayer
- thunderbird-bin (
- mozilla-firefox-bin (
(all included in portage-tree)

apps not triggering:
- skype (not tested that thoroughly (yet))
- ...

> - do you perhaps get an NMI backtrace printed within 1-2 minutes
> after the hard hang happens? If yes then take a photo of that or write
> it down.

only backtrace so far (once):

I'll tar the whole kernel-directory & modules so that you'll be able
to reproduce it more easily (if wanted), is there a place where I
could upload it (it weighs around 300-400 MBs so that'll take some
time ;) )
I got work to do so that'll be all for now, I hope you'll be able to
find the culprit soon ...

> Ingo


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