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    SubjectRe: [discuss] [patch 3/5] Use extended crashkernel command line on x86_64
    Bernhard Walle <> writes:

    > * Yinghai Lu <> [2007-09-09 19:27]:
    >> >
    >> > +#ifdef CONFIG_KEXEC
    >> ...
    > Good question. The crashkernel parameter was CONFIG_KEXEC before, and
    > I also wondered why, but I didn't change this because maybe there's
    > some reason I don't know.
    > Vivek, do you know why this was CONFIG_KEXEC?

    Probably because you use it in the primary kernel you use it.
    The option reserves an area of memory for the kernel we switch
    to on panic or another kernel crash.

    Generally CONFIG_CRASH_DUMP seems to be about the options needed
    to read out the crash dump after the fact.

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