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    SubjectRe: udev: Inconsistency between %b and %p?
    Andreas Schwab wrote:
    >> As I would prefer to use the USB device information (idVendor, idProduct)
    >> to detect the device, I also tried this one:
    >> ATTRS{idVendor}=="0dda", ATTRS{idProduct}=="2005", SUBSYSTEM=="scsi",
    >> ACTION=="add", PROGRAM+="/usr/bin/ %b %p"
    >> Now this version returns the USB device ID ($NUM-$NUM) to the test script,
    >> but the device path (%p) is still OK and still goes down up to the SCSI
    >> device ID.
    >> Why does %b not return the SCSI device ID in the second rule?
    > Because ATTRS has matched the USB device, not the SCSI device.

    Yes, that's right, but "SUBSYSTEM" matched the SCSI device...

    If I use udevinfo, then this tool tells me:

    | A rule to match, can be composed by the attributes of the device
    | and the attributes from one single parent device.

    So I thought, that I've matched the SCSI device now. To prove this, I
    just replaced "SUBSYSTEM=="scsi"" with "SUBSYSTEM=="usb"" and removed
    the "S" in the "ATTRS" of the above rule, and now, I get the USB-device
    in %b (as expected) and the path in %p only goes down up to the USB
    device ID.

    So, if all rules match for the same device, then %b and %p are both
    pointing to this, right, device.

    If I try to match, using one of the parent devices (using the "S"
    "extension" to the property names) and the device, to match to, itself,
    then the two are inconsistent. Then, %b holds the device name of the
    parent and %p holds the patch of the device, I want to match.

    For me, this looks like a bug, or am I wrong?



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