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SubjectRe: What's happening with the cpuidle code?
On Tuesday 04 September 2007 16:47, Chuck Ebbert wrote:
> A look at the 'cpuidle' branch of git-acpi shows a commit
> e40cede7d63a029e92712a3fe02faee60cc38fb4, "cpuidle: first
> round of documentation updates" that doesn't show up in that
> branch online. The entire Documentation/cpuidle directory
> is missing from the tree when looking at the web pages, and
> it's missing from git-acpi.patch in 2.6.23-rc4-mm1 (but the
> patch shows up in the summary information in the patch
> header.) Where did it go? And how can -mm be used to test
> things if its patches don't even match their own headers?

A later patch in that series, "cpuidle: re-write", reverted
the documentation from the intermediate patch that you refer to:;a=commit;h=2305a5920fb8ee6ccec1c62ade05aa8351091d71

The cpuidle branch on looks okay to me:;a=shortlog;h=cpuidle

the top commit is this one:

commit 8975059a2c1e56cfe83d1bcf031bcf4cb39be743
Author: Adam Belay <>
Date: Tue Aug 21 18:27:07 2007 -0400

CPUIDLE: load ACPI properly when CPUIDLE is disabled

And this top patch is indeed included in the latest acpi test branch,
as well as the latest ACPI test patch here:

Note that there were some merge conflicts when pulling cpuidle into 2.6.23,
so you are best off running either the acpi patch above on top of 2.6.23-rc5,
or the acpi test branch, or the mm tree so you won't have to merge the
cpuidle branch onto your latest kernel again.


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