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SubjectRe: [patch/backport] CFS scheduler, -v22, for v2.6.23-rc8, v2.6.22.8, v2.6.21.7, v2.6.20.20

* Alejandro Riveira Fernández <> wrote:

> > Even if CFS v20.5 worked well for you, please try this release too, with
> > a good focus on interactivity testing - because, unless some major
> > showstopper is found, this codebase is intended for a v2.6.24 upstream
> > merge.
> >
> > ( Even a quick, subjective report of: "checked this patch, it didnt
> > crash and it feels like v20.5" or "laggier than v20.5" or "feels
> > better than v20.5" is useful to us and enables us to judge the general
> > direction of interactivity. )
> I feel it better than 20.5 but the later is more stable. Let me
> explain.
> I patched a kernel with both versions 22 and 20.5[1]. With
> the 22 version if i lock the screen (run screensaver) or i try to run
> a wine program i experience a hard lock up no keyboard or mouse and i
> have to reboot the machine (i can not try to access it via ssh
> because i do not have a second machine). I run with the nvidia kernel
> module so I know my report is useless but just for the record... Here
> it is my config:

hm. There are no similar reports so far. Could you try to run the wine
program from a VGA text console (first do 'xhost +' in an xterm under X
and then 'export DISPLAY=:0' in the text console) and see whether
anything gets output to that console? Also enable nmi_watchdog=2 - which
could print a backtrace of the point of the hard lockup.

but in general there's nothing scheduler-specific about screensavers or
wine - but it could be related to 3D mode of the chip (hence related to
the nvidia module) - do you get a similar lockup if you try to run

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