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    SubjectRe: Who wants to maintain KR list for stable releases?
    Adrian Bunk wrote:
    > On Thu, Aug 30, 2007 at 05:24:37PM +0200, Stefan Richter wrote:
    [on whether to track missing features]
    >> Where I am around, there are always far too few people who fix things
    >> and build things. But very, very occasionally there is someone new who
    >> wonders if there is an interesting TODO item which is perhaps in the
    >> reach of his abilities. Contributing a cleanup or an actual feature is
    >> typically much easier than fixing an open, tracked bug. (The bugs which
    >> end up in the bugtracker are usually the difficult ones.) The
    >> contributor learns something and, in a rare turn of events, may
    >> eventually become able and willing to join the bugfixing.
    > "Contributing a cleanup" is what the Kernel Janitor Project
    > already offers.
    > But "Contributing an actual feature" is much harder:
    > You need a feature:
    > - with a realistic chance of being included and
    > - hard enough that the person suggesting it doesn't simply implement it
    > himself instead of requesting it

    or there is simply nobody else who takes the time to implement it

    > and
    > - easy enough that a newbie can implement it.
    > And the code should then be in a reasonable shape for being merged.

    Helping to bring it into shape may be one of the easier pastimes of a
    gateway person. (Can be done after mindnumbing day job.)

    > IMHO that's nearly impossible.
    > Realistically, offering a TODO item for a feature would require the one
    > proposing it to do an amount of mentoring work that is not smaller than
    > the amount of work he had to spend if implementing it himself.
    > This might be worth it if you know for sure the person you are mentoring
    > stays active after completion of the feature - but this assumption is
    > too often not true.

    Adding a feature is not just a matter of amount of work, it is also a
    matter of motivation and inspiration. So, even if it remains a one-off
    project, at least that feature came into life.

    But besides these remarks I have to agree with your view, overall.
    Stefan Richter
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