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    SubjectRe: [RFC] New kernel-message logging API
    On Saturday, September 22, 2007 12:27 pm Vegard Nossum wrote:
    > enum kprint_loglevel {
    > KPRINT_EMERG, /* kprint_emerg() */
    > KPRINT_ALERT, /* kprint_alert() */
    > KPRINT_CRIT, /* kprint_crit() */
    > KPRINT_ERROR, /* kprint_error() and/or kprint_err() */
    > KPRINT_WARNING, /* kprint_warning() and/or kprint_warn() */
    > KPRINT_NOTICE, /* kprint_notice() */
    > KPRINT_INFO, /* kprint_info() */
    > KPRINT_DEBUG, /* kprint_debug() */
    > };

    I wonder if all these levels are still needed (though I really like the
    error/err & warning/warn aliases, those always get me :).

    It seems like fewer levels would make things easier on both kernel
    developers and administrators; looking at current counts may help
    figure out which ones could be combined (warning, very naive grep -r

    KERN_EMERG: 371
    KERN_ALERT: 236
    KERN_CRIT: 602
    KERN_ERR: 11961
    KERN_WARNING: 6463
    KERN_NOTICE: 1142
    KERN_INFO: 8491
    KERN_DEBUG: 6125

    So KERN_ERR is the most common by a pretty large margin, though it seems
    to me that KERN_NOTICE, KERN_INFO and KERN_DEBUG are mostly redundant
    and probably make up a majority of the "SIMD FPU exception support was
    enabled" (as if I care) type messages. Likewise, ERR, ALERT, CRIT and
    EMERG serve very similar purposes (i.e. something unrecoverable
    occurred), maybe they could be condensed into one or two levels rather
    than four? So that would drop us to three levels:

    KERN_ERR /* something really bad happened, machine is dead or near so */
    KERN_WARNING /* you really ought to know about this */
    KERN_INFO /* no one but the kernel developer likely cares about this */

    But maybe I'm just living in a dream world where then number of printks
    the kernel spits out suddenly drops by 99% and only actually important
    messages make it to my log...

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