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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 14/22] NFS: Use local caching
    David Howells wrote:
    > The attached patch makes it possible for the NFS filesystem to make use of the
    > network filesystem local caching service (FS-Cache).
    > To be able to use this, an updated mount program is required. This can be
    > obtained from:
    > To mount an NFS filesystem to use caching, add an "fsc" option to the mount:
    > mount warthog:/ /a -o fsc
    > Signed-Off-By: David Howells <>
    > ---

    Did I miss the section where the modified semantics about which
    mounted file systems can use the cache and which ones can not
    was implemented? For example, mounts of the same file system
    from the server with "fsc", but with different mount options
    such as "rw" or "ro" or NFS dependent mount options, must fail
    because of the way that the cache is accessed. Also, perhaps
    a little confusing, that mounts of different paths on a server
    which land on the same mounted file system on the server, but
    with these differing mount options must also fail?


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