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SubjectRe: NFS4 authentification / fsuid

On Wed, 19 Sep 2007, J. Bruce Fields wrote:
> Uh, is there somebody else that feels they're being enlightened by this
> discussion?

Ok, probably I got a bit too harsh with Kyle there. But what I don't
understand is why is it so hard for someone to accept they're wrong
on this list, thank the other person and just move on ?!

Even when you've explained an attack that wasn't considered, you've
explained why the assumptions of the scheme were wrong, you've mentioned
previous precedents, and *technically* refuted the other person's claims.
Still, people feel obliged to *stick* to their (wrong) positions, subtly
"shift" their argument (using new adjectives or qualifiers), whatever,
just as long as they don't have to accept they were, simply, wrong.

That just sucks.
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