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SubjectRe: sys_chroot+sys_fchdir Fix
Philipp Marek napsal(a):
> Please, everybody,
> don't change that.
> I'm currently using that *feature* (yes, I see it as that) in my
> fsvs-chrooter-utility (see
> for easier usage of fsvs on older systems.
> - User starts a small wrapper,
> - that opens "/",
> - chroot()s into a directory and starts fsvs.
> - fsvs gets its libraries loaded
> - and chroot()s back to the original system.
> Voila! fsvs can use the newest available libraries for that architecture,
> without having to change the installed system.
So I thing this is an example how chroot would not be really used. For
DSO loading there is many better ways to load own DSO. Though is this
feature described in chroot() manpage, I have not noticed that any
serious project uses it. But ok, this is a ferature of chroot(). Also
FreeBSD does not support escaping chroot AFAIK. So this feature is very
badly portable.

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