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Subject[GIT PULL -mm] Unionfs/fsstack/eCryptfs updates/cleanups/fixes
The following is a series of patches related to Unionfs, which include three
small VFS/fsstack patches and one eCryptfs patch; the rest are Unionfs
patches. The patches here represent several months of work and testing
under various conditions, especially low-memory, SMP, and preemption
situations with an assortment of lower systems: ext2/3/4, xfs, reiserfs,
nfs, jffs2, ramfs, tmpfs, cramfs, and squashfs.

You can pull from 'master' branch of

As I already mentioned to Andrew, some of these patches should go into
Linus's tree, but the remainder depends on them.

Additionally, as Andrew said earlier today, let's figure out whether or not
Unionfs gets merged.

For Linus:
VFS: export release_open_intent symbol
VFS/fsstack: remove 3rd argument to fsstack_copy_attr_all
VFS/fsstack: cpp endif comments

For Andrew:
Unionfs: fixed compilation error
Unionfs: do not use fsstack_copy_attr_all
Unionfs: copyright corrections and updates
Unionfs: cpp endif comments
Unionfs: cache-coherency - update inode times
Unionfs: cache-coherency - dentries
Unionfs: cache-coherency - file flush
Unionfs: cache-coherency and fixes for unionfs_rename
Unionfs: documentation updates
Unionfs: copyup updates
Unionfs: file_revalidate updates
Unionfs: implement f/async
Unionfs: minor file_release updates
Unionfs: interpose updates
Unionfs: unionfs_ioctl bug fixes
Unionfs: partial_lookup update
Unionfs: lower nameidata support
Unionfs: mmap fixes
Unionfs: handling lower vfsmount fixes
Unionfs: mount-time option parsing fix
Unionfs: remove old nfsro option
Unionfs: readonly branch test fix
Unionfs: minor remount fixes
Unionfs: extended attributes fixes
Unionfs: use file f_path field
Unionfs: assorted comment and style updates
Unionfs: update unionfs version number
Unionfs: debugging and validation of fan-out invariants
Unionfs: unionfs_create rewrite

Josef 'Jeff' Sipek, on behalf of the Unionfs team.
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