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SubjectRe: [ofa-general] InfiniBand/RDMA merge plans for 2.6.24
On Thursday 13 September 2007 20:57, Roland Dreier wrote:
> HW specific:
>  - I already merged patches to enable MSI-X by default for mthca and
>    mlx4.  I hope there aren't too many systems that get hosed if a
>    MSI-X interrupt is generated.
>  - Jack and Michael's mlx4 FMR support.  Will merge I guess, although
>    I do hope to have time to address the DMA API abuse that is being
>    copied from mthca, so that mlx4 and mthca work in Xen domU.
>  - ehca patch queue.  Will merge, pending fixes for the few minor
>    issues I commented on.
>  - Steve's mthca router mode support.  Would be nice to see a review
>    from someone at Mellanox.
>  - Arthur's mthca doorbell alignment fixes.  I will experiment with a
>    few different approaches and post what I like (and fix mlx4 as
>    well).  I hope Arthur can review.
>  - Michael's mlx4 WQE shrinking patch.  Not sure yet; I'll reply to
>    the latest patch directly.
Missing from this list (IMPORTANT patch!):
[ofa-general] [PATCH 2 of 2] IB/mlx4: Handle new FW requirement for send request prefetching, for WQE sg lists
(Posted by me to list on Sept 4)
{patch header:
This is an addendum to Roland's commit 0e6e74162164d908edf7889ac66dca09e7505745
(June 18). This addendum adds prefetch headroom marking processing for s/g segments.

We write s/g segments in reverse order into the WQE, in order to guarantee
that the first dword of all cachelines containing s/g segments is written last
(overwriting the headroom invalidation pattern). The entire cacheline will thus
contain valid data when the invalidation pattern is overwritten.
This patch series (1 of 2 is for libmlx4, the same issue).

Also, I'm now posting (in a separate post) the following patch to mlx4, which is important:
display the following device information via sysfs:
board_id, fw_ver, hw_rev, hca_type.

The info is displayed under directory /sys/class/infiniband/mlx4_x, where x is
the pci bus sequence number (starting from zero).

This patch makes information available to ibstat and ibv_devinfo under the
same directory as is used for tavor/arbel/sinai -- thus requiring no userspace

- Jack

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