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    SubjectRe: drivers/usb/misc/emi*.c have the biggest data objects in the whole tree
    Denys Vlasenko wrote:
    > Hi Tapio,
    > You are the author of these files. Are you still maintaining them?

    His newer email address that I found with Google is dead, too.

    > These two object files hold the biggest data objects in the whole
    > Linux kernel
    > Basically, these are big arrays of the following structures:
    > typedef struct _INTEL_HEX_RECORD
    > {
    > __u32 length;
    > __u32 address;
    > __u32 type;
    > I suggest the following optimizations:
    > Change structure to
    > typedef struct _INTEL_HEX_RECORD
    > {
    > __u8 type;
    > __u8 length;
    > __u16 address;
    > } INTEL_HEX_RECORD __attribute__((__packed__));
    > Store gzip compressed tables and unpack them at load time.
    > Declare them const and __initdata.

    I have a patch somewhere that moves the firmware code to userspace and changes
    the drivers to use request_firmware().


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