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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.6.23-rc6: Fix NUMA Memory Policy Reference Counting
    On Mon, 17 Sep 2007, Lee Schermerhorn wrote:

    > Here is the 23-rc6 verison of the patch. Andi considers it a high
    > priority bug fix for .23. I'm a bit uncomfortable with this, this late
    > in the 23 cycle. I've not heard of problems w/o this patch, but then,
    > maybe no one notices if they leak a memory policy struct now and then,
    > or occasionally allocate memory on the wrong node because they used a
    > prematurely freed memory policy.

    The patch does require concurrent increments and decrements in the main
    fault patch. The potential is to create another bouncing cacheline for
    concurrent faults. This looks like it would cause a performance issue.

    > Kernel Build [16cpu, 32GB, ia64] - average of 10 runs:
    > w/o patch w/ refcount patch
    > Avg Std Devn Avg Std Devn
    > Real: 100.59 0.38 100.63 0.43
    > User: 1209.60 0.37 1209.91 0.31
    > System: 81.52 0.42 81.64 0.34

    Single threaded build? I would suggest to try concurrently faulting memory
    from multiple processors. You may not see this on a kernel build even if
    this is run with -j16 because concurrent faults are rare.

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