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    SubjectRe: [linux-dvb] [PATCH] Userspace tuner
    Hello Markus,

    Markus Rechberger wrote:

    > The main discussion in this thread was about drivers in userspace
    > are bad because the API will allow binary drivers. The guy
    > who works for Hauppauge (again I also have good contacts
    > at Hauppauge Europe) writes it's bad - for no technical reason.

    AFAICS, Steven raised the same thoughts what i had.

    > If someone points out that it is bad (after reading the whole thread)
    > why don't we put, bash, well everything into the kernel?

    I am not saying that userspace is bad. In fact i am all for userspace,
    _if_ there is much of a complication. For example we have had largely
    complex devices. You might like to read this thread a while back.

    This was the reason why we started up libdvbapi/mti (For those who don't
    know what it is, libdvbapi/mti is a userspace approach for having device
    support in userspace with complicated tuning algorithms with a lot of

    For that demodulator and a successor for the same, i had finally moved
    the same to in kernel with a lot of trouble. Maybe it is not as precise
    as it should have been.

    But what i mean is that we should use such approaches if there needs to
    be a heavy valid reason and if there are many more devices going that
    way, we should definitely move to userspace. Maybe the userspace idea is
    a bit still immature.

    That said, i don't see any such complexities with the XC3028

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