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    Subject[PATCH 0/2] Add Maple bus support for the SEGA Dreamcast
    The Maple bus is SEGA's proprietary serial bus for peripherals
    (keyboard, mouse, controller etc). The bus is capable of some
    (limited) hotplugging and operates at up to 2 M/bits.

    Drivers of one sort or another existed/exist for 2.4 and a rudimentary
    port, which didn't support the 2.6 device driver modei was also in

    This driver - for the bus logic itself and for the keyboard (other
    drivers will follow) are based on the code and concepts of those old
    drivers but have lots of completely rewritten parts.

    I have the maplebus code a built in now as that seems the sane and
    rational way to handle something like that - you either want the bus
    or you don't.

    maplebus.c: adds the core bus support
    maple_keyb.c: adds the keyboard

    Signed off by Adrian McMenamin <>
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