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    SubjectRe: rtl8187 driver in 2.6.23-rc6-git5: kernel panic if not used as a module. Works as a module.
    Hi Eric,

    On Sat, 15 Sep 2007 20:30:14 +0200
    Eric Valette <> wrote:

    > Rob Hussey wrote:
    > > On 9/15/07, Eric Valette <> wrote:
    > >> Eric Valette wrote:
    > >>
    > Thanks for your help: it does indeed fix the problem.
    Nice it works for you too !

    > Now I have two side questions:
    > - the code is no more symetric "subsys_initcall" -> "module_exit".
    > Do not know if it is "normal" but I love symmetry in code :-). Did not test
    > it still works as a module...
    Symmetry is not broken, as we have :
    #define subsys_initcall(fn) module_init(fn)
    in include/linux/init.h where compiling as a module, and when not compiling
    as a module, I doubt the exit function is called unless you are shuting
    down your machine...

    > - Who takes the responsability to push a patch to Linus? I guess it
    > is urgent unless he plans a rc7
    Good point ! I expect the patches to be already in some queue waiting to be
    pulled !

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