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SubjectRe: [ofa-general] InfiniBand/RDMA merge plans for 2.6.24

Roland Dreier wrote:
> > I was about to post v2 of my patch to avoid port space collisions with
> > the native stack. Can we get that 2.6.24? It is high priority
> > IMO. I've tried to solicit review on it, but I think folks are
> > reluctant... ;-)
> I would like to get this in, but I'm still at least a little
> reluctant, since we would be committing to a user interface that seems
> a little awkward at best, so I'd like to try and find something
> better. Just to summarize my understanding:
> - your patch requires the administration to configure an ethX:iwY
> alias address to use iwarp. (By the way is there anything other
> than "don't do that" that avoids assigning the same address to the
> iwarp alias and a non-iwarp interface?)

Nope. Its totally up to the admin to create the ethX:iwY interface
-and- to segment his services so host TCP runs on the ethX subnet(s) and
the iwarp rdma ones run on ethX:iwY subnet(s). Without changing the
core network serices, I don't see any way around this.

> - it would be nicer to create the alias automatically, but an alias
> without an address doesn't make sense. Creating a whole separate
> net device causes problems because the iwarp stuff still needs to
> use the main net device to do ARP etc.

I do log a warning if an iwarp application binds to address and
there are no ethX:iwY address available.

> - so I'm out of better ideas but I still want to push back a little
> before we commit to something ugly.

Me 2. :-(

> I've been meaning to track down the bnx2 iscsi offload patch to look
> and see if this issue is addressed, since the same problem seems to
> exist: it seems an iscsi connection and a main stack tcp connection
> might share the same 4-tuple unless something is done to avoid that
> happening.
> Also, I think it behooves us to get some agreement on this approach
> with NetEffect and Kanoj (NetXen?) at least, since their iwarp drivers
> seem to be imminent.
> - R.
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