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    SubjectRe: [announce] CFS-devel, performance improvements

    * Roman Zippel <> wrote:

    > Hi,
    > Out of curiousity: will I ever get answers to my questions?

    the last few weeks/months have been pretty hectic - i get more than 50
    non-list emails a day so i could easily have missed some. (and to take a
    line from Linus: my attention span is roughly that of a slightly
    retarded golden retriever ;)

    so it would be helpful if you could please re-state any questions you
    still have, in context of our latest CFS-devel queue. I tried to answer
    the error/rounding worries you had - which seemed to be the main theme
    of your patch. There are lots of good kernel hackers on lkml who know
    the new scheduler code pretty well and who might be able to provide an
    answer even if i dont manage to answer. (Perhaps asking the questions
    without heavy math will also help more people be able to understand and
    answer your questions and their practical relevance.) In any case - if
    you see packet loss on my side then please resend :) That would be
    hugely helpful. Thanks,

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