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    SubjectRe: [ofa-general] InfiniBand/RDMA merge plans for 2.6.24
     > > - My user_mad P_Key index support patch.  I'll test the ioctl to
    > > change to the new mode and merge this I guess, since Hal and Sean
    > > have tested this out.
    > I can give this patch a reviewed-by: too, and I will also try to review a couple
    > of the pending ipoib patches.


    > > - Sean's QoS changes. These look fine at first glance, and I just
    > > plan to understand the backwards compatibility story (ie how this
    > > works with an old SM) and merge. Anyone who objects let me know.
    > The new QoS fields fall into fields that are currently reserved, which should be
    > ignored by an older SM. I've only tested this against openSM however.

    That seems OK -- I'm OK with breaking things if an SM is clearly buggy
    (and not ignoring fields that are defined to be ignored in the spec
    would certainly be a clear bug to me).

    > This patch was generated in response to an Intel MPI issue. We've seen MPI take
    > several minutes to respond to a connection request during the middle of large
    > application runs. When this happens, the active side times out the connection.
    > In OFED, we added module parameters to adjust the rdma_cm connection timeout on
    > the active side, but I believe that sending an MRA from the passive side is a
    > better solution.

    OK -- just to make sure I'm understanding what you're saying: have you
    confirmed that your proposed patches actually fix the issue?

    - R.
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