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SubjectRe: [ofa-general] [PATCH v2] iw_cxgb3: Support "iwarp-only" interfaces to avoid 4-tuple conflicts.
> The iWARP driver must translate all listens on address to the
> set of rdma-only ip addresses for the device in question. This prevents
> incoming connect requests to the TCP ipaddresses from going up the
> rdma stack.

I've only given this a high level review at this point, and while the
patch looks okay on first pass, is there a way to move some of this
functionality to either the rdma_cm or iw_cm? I don't like the idea of
every iwarp driver having to implement address/listen list maintenance.
I may have some ideas after re-examining it.

> Implementation Details:

There are a couple of areas that I made a note to look at in more detail
(because I didn't understand everything that was happening), but I did
have one minor nit - most uses of list_del_init can just be list_del.

- Sean
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