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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] 9p: rename uid and gid parameters
    On 9/12/07, Latchesar Ionkov <> wrote:
    > Change the names of 'uid' and 'gid' parameters to the more appropriate
    > 'dfltuid' and 'dfltgid'.


    > strcpy(v9ses->name, V9FS_DEFUSER);
    > strcpy(v9ses->remotename, V9FS_DEFANAME);
    > + v9ses->dfltuid = V9FS_DEFUID;
    > + v9ses->dfltgid = V9FS_DEFGID;
    > +#define V9FS_DEFUID (0)
    > +#define V9FS_DEFGID (0)

    I'm not sure if there is a good solution here, but I'm uncomfortable
    with using uid=0 as the default. I'm not sure if there is a default
    uid for nobody, but anything is probably better than 0. Looks like
    nfsnobody is 65534, we could use that - even if only as a marker for
    the server to map it to nobody on the target system? What do you

    Particularly with attach-per-user, we probably need to look at
    interacting with idmapd or create our own variant real soon.

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