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    SubjectRe: [RFC] kbuild - introduce vdir to make life easier for x86_64

    On Mon, 2007-09-10 at 22:34 +0200, Sam Ravnborg wrote:
    > Partly so. Took a look at the x86 tree.
    > The main Makefile are at least not merged. Neither are pci/Makefile not
    > boot/compressed/Makefile.

    Yeah I know. Those are the non trivial ones and the boot/compressed one
    might be split forever. The pci Makefile has link order problems
    (initcall order wreckage) and the main Makefile as well. Needs more

    > And some of the rest of the Makefiles are not pretty with the huge arch
    > specific sections ifdeffed out.

    I completely agree.

    > -ifneq ($(CONFIG_ACPI_PROCESSOR),)
    > -obj-y += cstate.o processor.o
    > -endif
    > +obj-$(CONFIG_X86_32)-if-$(CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP) += sleep_32.o wakeup_32.o
    > +obj-$(CONFIG_X86_64)-if-$(CONFIG_ACPI_SLEEP) += sleep_64.o wakeup_64.o
    > +
    > +obj-y-if-$(CONFIG_ACPI_PROCESSOR) += cstate.o processor.o
    > My biggest worry is that we end up with a more compact format
    > but only me (and a very few others) can read it.
    > But I think the above could make the x86 Makefiles more readable
    > as a whole.

    It's way better than the ifneq(...) stuff and completely understandable
    at least for me. I'd like to see that change, it is helpful on a bunch
    of other places in the kernel as well.



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