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    SubjectRe: That whole "Linux stealing our code" thing
    On Sat, Sep 01, 2007 at 09:58:26PM -0400, Casey Dahlin wrote:
    > Suppose you saw some other variant of *nix that had some code you wanted
    > to use, but there was a gaping security hole in it. Wouldn't you patch
    > it before you incorporated it? and would it be your fault if this fix
    > made the code not work with the original?
    > We took the code and fixed a gaping security vulnerability that appeared
    > within the opening comment. We DO care who does what with our code, and
    > we fully intend to cover our balls.

    Who's "we" and would you mind showing your contributions to the tree?
    git doesn't seem to find them in 2.5.0-to-current for some reason...
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