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>I urge developers to not bait into this and just leave this alone.
>Those involved know what they are doing and have a strong team of
>attorneys watching their backs. Any *necessary* discussions are be
>done privately.
> Luis

What? when we talk about the ethics of cooperating development
and sharing code the response is "we have lawyers watching your backs"
and "we know what we are doing and have a plan"

What is this? a concerted attack by some organization on
the BSD projects? Would that be the FSF? or

What kind of crap is this? that Free Software developers can't
respect each others project goals and work together, but instead should
beware of organizations with hidden agendas to abscond with their work.

What a crock. I urge any developers involved to decide if
you really want to work in an environment of this sort of amoral baloney.

I think you all should decide if you want to work in an environment
where developers can cooperate on a handshake and respect each others
differnet goals, or whether discoveries in each camp need to be hidden
from each other and fought over by lawyers. You're all being talked
to by a bunch of zealots who put zealotry above morals.


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