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    SubjectRE: [PATCH 9/24] make atomic_read() behave consistently on ia64
    > +#define atomic_read(v)		(*(volatile __s32 *)&(v)->counter)
    > +#define atomic64_read(v) (*(volatile __s64 *)&(v)->counter)
    > #define atomic_set(v,i) (((v)->counter) = (i))
    > #define atomic64_set(v,i) (((v)->counter) = (i))

    Losing the volatile from the "set" variants definitely changes
    the code generated. Before the patch gcc would give us:

    st4.rel [r37]=r9

    st4 [r37]=r9

    It is unclear whether anyone relies on (or even whether they should
    rely on) the release semantics that are provided by the current
    version of atomic.h. But making this change would require an
    audit of all the uses of atomic_set() to find an answer.

    There is a more worrying difference in the generated code (this
    from the ancient and venerable gcc 3.4.6 that is on my build
    machine). In rwsem_down_failed_common I see this change (after
    disassembling vmlinux, I used sed to zap the low 32-bits of addresses
    to make the diff manageable ... that's why the addresses all end
    in xxxxxxxx):

    < a0000001xxxxxxxx: adds r16=-1,r30
    < a0000001xxxxxxxx: [MII] ld8.acq r33=[r32]
    < a0000001xxxxxxxx: nop.i 0x0;;
    < a0000001xxxxxxxx: add r42=r33,r16
    < a0000001xxxxxxxx: [MMI] mov.m ar.ccv=r33;;
    < a0000001xxxxxxxx: cmpxchg8.acq r34=[r32],r42,ar.ccv
    > a0000001xxxxxxxx: adds r16=-1,r31
    > a0000001xxxxxxxx: [MMI] ld4.acq r14=[r32];;
    > a0000001xxxxxxxx: nop.m 0x0
    > a0000001xxxxxxxx: sxt4 r34=r14
    > a0000001xxxxxxxx: [MMI] nop.m 0x0;;
    > a0000001xxxxxxxx: nop.m 0x0
    > a0000001xxxxxxxx: add r15=r34,r16
    > a0000001xxxxxxxx: [MMI] mov.m ar.ccv=r34;;
    > a0000001xxxxxxxx: cmpxchg8.acq r42=[r32],r15,ar.ccv

    This code is probably from the rwsem_atomic_update(adjustment, sem) macro
    which is cpp'd to atomic64_add_return(). It looks really bad that the new
    code reads a 32-bit value and sign extends it rather than reading a 64-bit
    value (but I'm perplexed as to why this patch provoked this change in the
    generated code).

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