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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 23/25] [PATCH] paravirt hooks for arch initialization
    Andi Kleen wrote:
    >> -static void discover_ebda(void)
    >> +void native_ebda_info(unsigned *addr, unsigned *size)
    > I guess it would be better to use the resources frame work here.
    > Before checking EBDA check if it is already reserved. Then lguest/Xen
    > can reserve these areas and stop using it.

    What's the EBDA actually used for? The only place which seems to use
    ebda_addr is in the e820 code to avoid that area as RAM.

    Seems to me that we can just arrange to have the early lguest/xen setup
    code set the EBDA_ADDR pointer to NULL and make discover_ebda() special
    case that to zero out ebda_addr/size.

    >> +/* Overridden in paravirt.c if CONFIG_PARAVIRT */
    >> +void __attribute__((weak)) memory_setup(void)
    >> +{
    >> + return setup_memory_region();
    >> +}
    >> +
    >> +
    >> void __init setup_arch(char **cmdline_p)
    >> {
    >> printk(KERN_INFO "Command line: %s\n", boot_command_line);
    >> @@ -231,12 +255,19 @@ void __init setup_arch(char **cmdline_p)
    >> saved_video_mode = SAVED_VIDEO_MODE;
    >> bootloader_type = LOADER_TYPE;
    >> + /*
    >> + * By returning non-zero here, a paravirt impl can choose to
    >> + * skip the rest of the setup process
    >> + */
    >> + if (paravirt_arch_setup())
    >> + return;
    > Sorry, but that's an extremly ugly and clumpsy interface and will lead
    > to extensive code duplication in hypervisors because so much code
    > is disabled.
    > This needs to be solved in some better way.

    Yeah, it seems a bit hamfisted. Looks like it would be better to deal
    with it by some combination of:

    1. implement pv analogues of existing functions
    2. try to neutralize functions we don't care about in pv-land
    3. refactoring the setup() function to make the pv-friendly and
    pv-hostile parts clearly distinct

    and remember: native isn't a special case; its just another pv driver.

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