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SubjectRe: [RFC][PATCH 1/5] pagemap: remove file header
O> > The endianness is only useful when examining a raw dump of
> > pagemap from a different machine when you don't know the
> > source of the file. This is pretty rare, and the programs
> > or scripts doing the copying off-machine can certainly be
> > made to hold this information.

Nobody fancies doing bi-endian MIPS ?

> > The page size is available in userspace at least with libc's
> > getpagesize(). This will also never vary across processes,

For now. Its a logical direction however thant we end up with bigger page
sizes either by hardware or by software merging and end up having
different page sizes for legacy 32bit binaries.

> I'd really strongly prefer to have no header. It was added to
> futureproof the thing.

The information needed to parse /proc/pid/pagemap can be stuck
in /proc/pid/somewherelese. If we ever get page size variations and the
like then /proc/pid/ is going to end up with that information anyway for
ps and friends to use.

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