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    SubjectRe: Disk spin down issue on shut down/suspend to disk
    2007/8/7, Michael Sedkowski <>:
    > I did some additional checking today...
    > On kernels prior to 2.6.22 line, the bug exists and manifests itself
    > exactly the same way. However, when I removed the "-h" flag
    > from /etc/init.d/halt, the drive spins down only once on "Power down"
    > message and there is no sign of the bug and the emergency unload count
    > remains constant. I've verified this on kernels;;
    > 2.6.18-4-686-Etch.
    > The obvious conclusion is that something must have changed it the 2.6.22
    > kernels, so that removing the "-h" has no effect.
    > I dunno if my observations are of any value, but I thought You should
    > know...

    I confirm this. First 2.6.21-rcx works OK (if I remember). In
    2.6.22(.1) remove -h option doesn't help - only warning message
    dissapear, and double spin down also exists in suspend to disk.

    The same laptop, bios, Debian etc.

    Maciej Rutecki
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