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Subject[PATCH 0/4 RFC] preemptible RCU

This patchset is an update of that posted by Dipankar last January
( This is work in progress, not yet
ready for inclusion. It passes rcutorture on i386, x86_64, and ppc64
boxes as well as kernbench, so should be safe for experimentation. As
with Dipankar's previous post, this variant of preemptible rcu_read_lock()
and rcu_read_unlock may be invoked from NMI/SMI handlers, and do not
contain any heavyweight atomic operations or memory barriers (although
they do still momentarily disable IRQs). This patchset features
a fully parallel grace-period computation, which will become increasingly
important with upcoming multicore/multi-threaded CPUs. In addition,
this patchset provides a preemptible-RCU variant of synchronize_sched()
that avoids the previous deadlock with CPU hotplug -- this variant may
eventually prove unnecessary, but is offered in the spirit of separating

Next steps: (1) Integrate with CPU hotplug. (2) Re-merge RCU priority
boosting. (3) Fix some naming issues. Longer term work includes
optimized dyntick operation and eliminating the interrupt disabling
in rcu_read_lock() and rcu_read_unlock().

Thanx, Paul
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