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SubjectRe: Linux Kernel cfs scheduler and xorg kbd
On 08/07/2007 08:05 AM, Arjan van de Ven wrote:

[ stuck keys ]

> the last time I saw something like this it was a BIOS that kept doing
> USB->PS/2 emulation even when the kernel was running.. that caused great
> havoc somehow...
> those who are seeing this... is it all on a USB keyboard? If so, is the
> bios set to do PS/2 emulation (sometimes called USB legacy emulation) ??

No, as far as reported into this thread, it's all been PS/2. We can leave
this thread be though. It's nothing to do with CFS and is a non-debuggable
problem sofar unfortunately. Although very present at the start of this
thread, I haven't experienced my stuck delete key since. Teresa and Indan
have the same problem (well, "non-problem" that is). If it's still lurking
somewhere, we'll see it resurface at some point.

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