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SubjectRe: HPET force-enable investigations on Via VT8235
> Hi,
> So, *please* (I'd *love* to get this working somehow):
> whoever has a VT8235 and is listening here,
> - give a "lspci -nn" (two 'n'!), to figure out details of chipset revision etc.
> - give a "lspci -d 1106:3177 -xxx", to try to figure out whether there happen
> to be additional magical "enable" bits to map in those HPET I/O areas which
> some BIOS versions configure and some don't (that's my fragile theory
> at least)
> - oh, and don't forget to tell whether HPET works or not
VT8235 does *NOT* have a HPET(*). Only part which has HPET is VT8237. It is device
00:17.0 too, but only 1106:3227 has HPET enable and memory base registers.
VT8235 one and only feature which doesn't have driver yet seems to be hardware
> Thanks a lot,
> Andreas Mohr
(*) Datasheet revision 2.03 March 16, 2005

Jak najszybciej dostac sie na wymarzona plaze?
Znajdz trase ekspresowa


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