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SubjectKernel Bug in 2.4.35 when compiled gcc>=4.2.0 and -march=c3
i found a bug in linux-2.4.35.

the bug produces a crashing kernel when compiled
with gcc >=4.2.0 and VIA C3 optimized -march=c3

this issue was first discussed on the gcc bugzilla:

and tracked down to the include/asm-i386/hw_irq.h
module with the help of the gcc guys:

(pluto at agmk dot net) wrote:
>yup, i see something new :)
>please look at line 12137 of i8259.i:
>__attribute__((regparm(0))) void call_do_IRQ(void); __asm__(...
>as you can see there is a semicolon after call_do_IRQ(void)
>and following asm statement isn't treated as a function body.
>in this way -O1 -f{no-}unit-at-a-time accidentally produces
>different code. it's not a gcc bug.
>contains these evil macros.

is there a chance to fix this?
these macros a far beyond my capabilities to fix.

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