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    SubjectRe: Vmware crashes if compress/misc.c scrolls?

    > In the boot decompressor for the kernel in the image Iouri provided, I

    32bit or 64bit image?

    > As you can plainly see, the call to memcpy (which is redefined in
    > boot/compressed/misc.c) is made using stack calling convention.
    > Unfortunately, the compiler generated the memcpy function itself using
    > regparm(3) convention. I am guessing this happened because a leftover

    I can't find any here grepping .i files and includes. None of the memcpy
    prototypes in include have a __fastcall

    Are you sure this still happens in mainline?

    When I look at my scroll it also looks correct:

    c0: 0f af f8 imul %eax,%edi
    c3: 01 c0 add %eax,%eax
    c5: 89 c2 mov %eax,%edx
    c7: 01 f2 add %esi,%edx
    c9: 89 45 f0 mov %eax,0xfffffff0(%ebp)
    cc: 89 f0 mov %esi,%eax
    ce: 89 f9 mov %edi,%ecx
    d0: e8 7b ff ff ff call 50 <memcpy>

    > Does anyone recall compiler problems (I noticed this VM was booting a
    > 64-bit kernel,

    Ok 64bit, that was 32bit above.

    Since some time the decompressor is 64bit and 64bit always uses
    regparms. 64bit Scroll is ok too:

    92: 0f af eb imul %ebx,%ebp
    95: 01 db add %ebx,%ebx
    97: 48 63 f3 movslq %ebx,%rsi
    9a: 4c 01 ee add %r13,%rsi
    9d: 89 ea mov %ebp,%edx
    9f: e8 9c ff ff ff callq 40 <memcpy>

    > but the decompressor was 32-bit code,

    That must be a old kernel.

    Can you people please verify this all still happens with a mainline or
    2.6.22 kernel?

    > so perhaps at some
    > time the 64-bit makefile or toolchain for Linux had some kind of
    > compiler bug).

    I'm not aware of any such bugs.

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