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SubjectRe: serial flow control appears broken
Maciej W. Rozycki wrote:

>On Fri, 27 Jul 2007, Lee Howard wrote:
>>Okay, so let's say we've got a loop around a blocking read on the modem file
>> for (;;) {
>> read some data from modem
>> process data from modem
>> if (end-of-data detected) break;
>> }
>>Are you suggesting that the application should be using deasserting RTS after
>>the read and asserting it before?
> It certainly could -- you were asking how it would know. ;-)

So, to test... I put this in the application before every read:

int flags;
ioctl(modemFd, TIOCMGET, &flags);
flags |= TIOCM_RTS;
ioctl(modemFd, TIOCMSET, &flags);

and this after:

int flags;
ioctl(modemFd, TIOCMGET, &flags);
flags &= ~TIOCM_RTS;
ioctl(modemFd, TIOCMSET, &flags);

Now I can see the RTS light blink on the modem (and during heavy
communication it merely "dims" depending on the amount of delay in the

However, it does not help. Data still goes missing.



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