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SubjectRe: [PATCH] net/, drivers/net/ , missing EXPERIMENTAL in menus

On Aug 31 2007 14:06, Jeff Garzik wrote:
>> something like BROKEN, though, has *nothing* to do with maturity. a
>> feature can be any of those maturity levels, and simultaneously be
>> BROKEN. i consider BROKEN to be what i call a "status", and different
>> status levels might be the default of normal, or KIND_OF_FLAKY or
>> TOTALLY_BORKED -- that's where BROKEN would fit in.
> BROKEN is definitely a maturity level. A more accurate description would be
> BITROTTING perhaps. The code in question has passed through bleeding ->
> experimental -> stable, and come out the other side.

Software is quite unlike the art of medicine. There, you would go from
'stable' to 'broken', then someone 'experiments' with you, and if
it's a bad day, you bleed out. :)

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