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    SubjectRe: recent nfs change causes autofs regression
    On Thu, 2007-08-30 at 14:07 -0700, Hua Zhong wrote:
    > I am re-sending this after help from Ian and git-bisect. To me it's a
    > show-stopper: I cannot find an acceptable workaround that I can implement.
    > The problem: upgrading to 2.6.23-rc4 from 2.6.22 causes several autofs
    > mounts to fail silently - they just not appear when they should.
    > I believe it's caused by the NFS change that forces multiple mounts from
    > different directories under the same server side filesystem to have the same
    > mount options by default, otherwise it returns EBUSY.
    > For example, if server has a filesystem /a, and it exports /a/x and /a/y
    > (maybe with rw or ro), and a client must mount /a/x and /a/y with the same
    > mount options now.

    Which is better than having it fail silently, or giving you a mount with
    the wrong mount options.

    If you need to mount the same filesystem with incompatible mount options
    on the same client, then there is a new mount option "nosharecache",
    which enables it.
    The new option is there in order to make it damned clear to sysadmins
    that this is a dangerous thing to do: mounts which don't share the same
    superblock also don't share the same data and attribute caches. Any file
    or directory which appears in both mounts had better only be used by one
    application at a time or be using an appropriate locking scheme.


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